Our business

Square Meter Plus.

With the experience in the import and the distribution of ceramic and natural stone products in the United States of America, and with over 10 years working for ceramic manufacturers, exporting into North America and the Caribbean Islands, Square Meter Plus is constituted.

Our agency works with renowned firms and we serve our customers a product portfolio that mainly consists of wall and floor tiles, providing essential accessories like bathroom vanities or faucets, high end decor, and all gets manufactured under the strictest quality control that can be offered in Europe.

Our suppliers are firms that provide expertise and manufacturing strength as well as maximum quality in the manufacturing process by offering our customers a warranty and peace of mind in the marketing of their products.

We offer our customers a direct and accessible relationship with the manufacturer, coordinating with them all the commercial agreements, marketing and product development, shifting concerns, needs and business opportunities for our suppliers to grow with and in order to consolidate them in a constant and stable market.

The result is a steady growth in the market, where trust between components determines and plays a crucial role in connecting to each ideal customer with its product and its service provider.